Thoughts on the Grenfell Tower Fire: When the Colour of Fire is Grey

The range of issues associated with the Grenfell tragedy are extremely complex. There is unlikely to be a single culprit, but rather a systemic failure of multiple systems that we rely on for fire safety. While there is an understandable clamour for clarity and justice, in which tragedy is painted in black and white, the failures that led to the horrific loss of life are likely to have their root in a world that is far more grey. It is thus essential for the Inquiry to go beyond the cause of the rapidly spreading façade fire, to determine why so many lives were lost in this particular façade fire. What made this rapidly spreading, full-height façade fire different from all the others that have occurred around the world? Identifying and addressing these issues will be the legacy of the Grenfell fire and its victims.

I have expressed my thoughts on these issues in six posts:
o Post 1 Introduction:
o Post 2 Regulations (i):
o Post 3 Regulations (ii):
o Post 4 Regulations (iii):
o Post 5 Compartmentation, stay put, Fire Brigade response:
o Post 6 Evacuation systems and Sprinklers:

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