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Develop Relationships with Community Leaders

The most admired profession in America is Firefighter*. This gives the fire service a tremendous advantage when developing relationships with community leaders. To build support and find advocates for fire safety, you will want to develop working relationships throughout the community leadership including policymakers, businesspersons, clergy, social service providers and educators. It is also important to seek potential partner organizations, maintain good relations with the public and engage the media. In many communities many of the leaders will be involved in more than one of these areas.


Policymakers: These may be elected officials, members of boards or commissions, professional staff or others who help set the direction for policies and/or control budgets. While they may have the overall interest of the community in mind, they will naturally be most interested in their own areas of expertise. Some that you may want to approach:

Other Community Leaders: Think about other groups and individuals that have influence in your community, such as:

Use the localized data you have developed to show how fire specifically affects their areas of interest:

Seek out those leaders that can become strong allies for your advocacy program.

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